Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today, I Walked Through Grass.

People, I know you've had a hard go of it these past few months. Shoot, we all have. But if I might draw your attention to one concept that might make your day a little better, or a little bit worse depending on your social status, I think that you will, but maybe you won't, appreciate it.

Throughout the rich and prosperous history of our country, many different people have been persecuted because of their beliefs, color, heritage, etc. By and large, things have improved. However, one glaring establishment still exists today that refuses to accept differences in opinion or doctrine, and that is, quite simply, the American way of life.

Today, I walked through the grass. There was a bike path, a footpath, and a grassy mall upon which conforming feet dare not tread. Unknowingly, I stumbled up what must be the greatest insult to the individuality of human beings in a country that supposedly values individuality above all else. With regards to the case at hand, we all know that grass is, by and large, not meant to be walked upon when alternatives are present (i.e. footpaths, sidewalks, etc.). But let us ask ourselves why this is.

Is it because the grass is in some way maimed by the act of being tread upon? Some would assert that it is. I would assert that, were I to tread upon the people who would assert that, it would most likely hurt THEM more than it would the grass. This is because they have nerves, and an acute ability to sense when these nerves are being acted upon by external stimuli. Grass does not have nerves. Grass cannot react to this type of blunt external stimuli. Grass does not get hurt when tread upon.

Now, any number of arguments could ensue pertaining to why it is and is not acceptable in today's culture to walk on grass when  suitable alternatives are available. But people, my humble opinion is this: There is NO good reason not to walk on the grass. If you do this, you've given in to the elitists who say that it is not okay for the bourgeois masses to do anything without permission from an authority. To get to the meat of the matter, let us apply this concept on a larger scale.

If you read my description, "A Boy and His Description", you will see that I do not promote the classification of individuals on an empirical basis. However, this is EXACTLY what the modern American atmosphere forces upon us every day. Consider this: We are, as youths, imparted with an innate desire to conform and be a part of whatever group that we are a part of. For example, nowadays, a girl would generally only be considered "attractive" (or any of its derivations, e.g. fine, foine, hot, smokin, bangin, truss-that-up-on -a-beanbag-chair-harness-and-smack-that-able, etc.) if she were wearing daisy dukes and a revealing top, or any combination of otherwise sexually suggestive clothing. 

People, let me ask you this: If we kept our children inside of a house with no outside influence on their opinions, what do you think that they would think was beautiful? A compelling question to be sure, but somewhat beside the point of our discussion. Undeniably, however, they would not think of it as the way that the masses think of it. The same could be said for almost any other Secondary Quality as expressed by John Locke. 

Now, keeping in mind all of the things discussed, we must ALL now be able to come to the conclusion that there must be some sort of motivation behind the stereotypes that exist in our society. And I think that an equal amount of us could conclude that the people who  are gaining the most from objectifying and altering our subconscious to create a more orderly society in nearly every aspect of our lives are: 1. The elites, who gain money peddling less and less amounts of material, now considered "attractive" clothing, for more and more money. 2. The government, who, after telling us not to walk on the grass, no longer has to worry about the supposed hazards associated with any non-conformist FREE movement throughout whichever surface on the earth that we choose to move upon (a supposedly fundamental freedom in the lives of anything and everything that can move anywhere).

So think on that.

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